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    (Quảng cáo) Aura Kingdom private sever

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    The new aurakingdom private server:

    Address: http://www.redskingdom.com/
    Account Registration link: http://www.redskingdom.com/index.php...Fregister.html
    Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OfficialRedskingdom

    Game settings:

    EXP: X8 DROP: X10
    Strengthen +20 Grade open 99
    roperperceiling x 10times
    Reputation ceiling 999999
    Guild currency ceiling 999999
    Archaeological currency ceiling 999999

    1. All maps cancel the limit of tasks.
    2. Small monsters Acquired Dragon Pts: 2 points
    3. BOSS Acquired Dragon Pts: 10 times
    4. Ten times experiences for all monsters
    5. Ten times golds for all monsters
    6. Ten times basic dropping rates in instance zones
    7. Ten times of adventure experiences
    8. Ten times of guild experiences
    9. Five times of instance zones frequencies
    10. Five times less of the instance zones re-set time
    11. Timed tasks refresh every 20 minutes. Reputation tasks are available to unlock 20 times everyday. The level of LV40 assistant tasks could do directly.
    12. Loyalty mall has [Guardian Sprite of Quest] Quest XP is increased by 300% selling
    13. The limit of greetings is 100 times everyday, once could get 100 points Loyalty.

    Installation guide:

    Login Tutorial

    1: Apply your Redskingdom account. (Http://www.redskingdom.com/index.php...Fregister.html)

    2: When you have Aurakingdom official client (English, French, German), update to the latest official version, download Redskingdom login software (startgame.rar)
    Unzip placed into your game installation directory and execute startgame.exe. Start the game.

    (Startgame.rar) Download:

    3: If you do not have the Aurakingdom official client (in English), please download Redskingdom full client, perform startgame.exe. Then Start the game.

    Client Error fix:

    Reboot your PC after extracting the Redskingdom.rar into any folder , then find the "startgame.exe" on your redskingdom folder then run it as administrator it should fix the erro you experiecing on the client.(Quảng cáo) Aura Kingdom private sever
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