Desolation Immortals Version 2.0 Kiếm Tiên Private Nước Ngoài

Hello everyone, Desolation Team present to you brand new Battle Of Immortals private server. We has been working very hard for months to just bring to you a real PvP Server !

Remember to register in website then login and click REG PAGE to register account ingame

What New !!

••• Instance drop Salary, most instance is solo.
••• Lord and Boss drop Starwish Charm, Gem coin lvl 2, Coin Bag.
••• Hunt 7 star Pet from Boss !
••• Zen Shop - Salary Shop all balance, almost everything in Salary Shop
••• No more "Pay to Win"
••• New Exalted lvl 45 and Exalted lvl 60
••• New Atlantis Map !
••• New 7 Star Pet with new Ultimate Skill !
••• Unlock Exaled, Demigod, Cosmos at Yara X:155- Y:150

Desolation Immortals Version 2.0 Kiếm Tiên Private Nước Ngoài

Lord List Respawn time 10mins
•••Dwarf Lord Lv70
•••King of Desert Lv71
•••Centaur Lord Lv 75
•••Ashura Vanguard Lv75 (Angkor 1 PvP Map)
•••Ashura Champion Lv79 (Angkor 1 PvP Map)
Boss List Respawn 4 hours
Hades STR
Loki Mage
Hades DEX
Boss Drop
--- Salary Card 120 x2
--- Gold Coin Bag
--- Salary Card 600 x2
--- Starwish Charm pack x10
--- Lv4 Gem chest
--- Gem coin lv 2

PvP Map (White Map)
Dwarves' Forest (Lord Boss)
Viking Steppes (Lord Boss)
Nile River West (Lord Boss)
(Red Map)
Angkor Temple Level 1 (Lord Boss)
Newbie Farming Zone
Easter Island South (Lord Boss) Non PvP

Ancient Beast Island now can PvP and spawn extra Boss
- Loki
- Odin
- Hades
Each time you enter Ancient Beast Island cost 1.5 Million coin ! So remember to team up before you enter !

Desolation short Trailer !

Server Spec
6 GB DDR3 Ram
2x 500 GB HDD
Chipset Intel i7 Processor
TOSHIBA Portable PC (U3E1)