WEB http://www.avangardmu.com or http://home.avangardmu.com
REGISTRATION http://www.avangardmu.com/registration
DOWNLOAD http://forum.avangardmu.com/index.ph...ents-patch.98/ after downloading client run Launcher to update it, or take patch from download section.
FORUM http://forum.avangardmu.com
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/AvangardMu
Time Zone: GMT+0
Version: Season 8.2
Server: PVP
Normal Experience: 25 (Max Level 400)
Master Level Experience: 15 (Max Level 330)
Item Drop Rate: 10%

Resets: NO
Admin Shop: NO
Web Market: YES
Vip / Premium: 2 weeks after Launch
XShop: 2 weeks after Launch
Donation: Yes (for market use only)

Summoner Creation: Level 1
Magic Gladiator Creation: level 220
Dark Lord Creation: level 250
Rage Fighter Creation: level 300
In Game Configuration:
Chaos Weapon Creation default
Wings Level 1: max 100%
Wings Level 2: max 90%
Wings Level 2.5: max 60%
Wings Level 3: max 40%
Item Creation +(10 - 11): 50% +20% if Luck
Item Creation +(12 - 13): 40% +20% if Luck
Item Creation +(14 - 15): 20% +20% if Luck

Bot Enables on: Level 20

SPOTS: Yes, in all maps 4-5 mobs (All spots shown in MINI MAP) SPOT UPDATED 2015.04.09.

Custom Guides: http://forum.avangardmu.com/index.ph...tom-drops.220/
All Guides: http://forum.avangardmu.com/index.php?forums/guides.8/

Custom Shops:
Devias(199 84) - BC / DS Tickets, starting price 5M, increasing by 5M each level.
Loren Market BK Shop(123 123) - Black Dragon Set +8+Luck 20M, +11 50M
Loren Market SM Shop(132 123) - Grand Soul Set +8+Luck 20M, +11 50M
Loren Market AE Shop(132 132) - Holy Spirit Set +8+Luck 20M, +11 50M
Loren Market BS Shop(123 132) - Ancient Set +8+Luck 20M, +11 50M
Loren Market DL Shop(122 128) - Adamantine Set +8+Luck 20M, +11 50M
Loren Market MG Shop(128 122) - Storm Crow Set +8+Luck 20M, +11 50M
Loren Market RF Shop(133 127) - Storm Jared Set +8+Luck 20M, +11 50M
Lorencia Potion Girl(131 128) - Mana Potion 10x Stacks

Blood Castle: every 2 hours
Devil Square: every 2 hours
Valley of Loren Deep Event: twice a day
Chaos Castle: every 2 hours
Doppelganger: when you want
Imperial Guardian: when you want
Imperial Guardian Sunday Event: with collected special Sunday ticket
CryWolf Altar: every Thursday and Saturday
Kalima 7: every 24 hours
Nightmare: every 24 hours
LaCleon Selupan Event: every 24 hours
Seasonal Events: Every Month Different Box with different drop
Golden Invasion: each 4 hours
White Wizard: each 6 hours
Bone King: each 8 hours
Vote Event: Daily / Monthly Reward
Online Time: Monthly Reward
Gens Reward: Monthly
Vulcanus Boss: each 4h
Castle Siege: Every week, 1st Siege on 17th May.
We Offer:
Stability, safety and enjoyable game. Without you, dear players game wont be the game what we are looking for, Join server and invite your friends. I will make sure that you enjoy all Season 8.3 features.

After 1 month of server up time, will be merging with Mesori 8x server. Mesori players will be moved to Hathor server and removed from Avangard MU Network. Will be given 1 week for completing Alliances and on next week will be available Castle Siege Registration. MORE INFO IN FORUM or mail me private.