You can feel, you can feel the day Xuan sword, 3 points in the afternoon of January 9th, the nine district, you can feel you can feel hot open
Opening hours: three pm six pm!
Looking into the game GM to receive the start into the game for the GM to receive the package, start looking for GM package, the game started to receive gifts
Double line eight area hot open, invite you to come! The achievement of your chart!
Features introduced:
29. The exclusive 206 hole stone!!
God. Original new skills make you strong experience hitherto unknown!
* perfect breakthrough rating limit, let you experience the knife burst table cool visual attributes of hundreds of millions of!
By the original infinite reincarnation system, trillion billion, strong property soared so you no longer not the pursuit of pleasure!
This enhancement as high as 20 million, to strengthen the property in accordance with the percentage of double attribute slag cock day.
I cancel the synthesis system out of order, only part of the top item synthesis.
You can drop the exclusive battlefield supply box, out of a variety of rare items
It is open to all super copy, drop rate, explosive items super powerful, so every day you have a new feeling!
The upper limit of up to 99999 items. The mall, you can click the +!
All items can be dropped by the grass root, it just takes a little bit of time can be turned into a rich handsome!
* the service commitment: no cheating consumer, a consumer, permanent preservation! Just spend a little money, will give you more fun!
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