Without a doubt, you are more and more subjected to videos at all times when watching television, using your own notebook or mobile phone. Video clips are created on a new daily basis to meet user's need for an efficient in addition to quickest way of delivering messages to others. When you want to provide your message to other folks within a couple of seconds, mailing by videos will be the greatest option compared to lengthy texts or written messages.

It is pretty simple in order to make a video, nevertheless it is a problem for any video artist to make it distinctive, interesting and engaging to keep audiences' attention right up until the end of the particular video. In fact, persons can just hold their attention for 9 seconds on average. In additional words, when you are unable in order to attract viewer's attention within this average attention period, you would get typically the failure. If you are buying remedy to this problem, you are arriving at the proper place with Engage Player - one of the particular most effective video enhancing software!


As the name suggests, Engage Player is a video wedding tool which includes a new great number of characteristics to produce engagement, discussion & Optins. Due to be able to short viewers' attention spans, this product is designed in order to increase their engagement in addition to interaction with videos which are still playing. In this way, they can count on Engage Player for a lot of different reasons, ranging from creating Contact to Actions, Opt-in Forms in addition to text message on the video to creating powerful page content outside typically the video. If you are usually focusing on blogs, web webpages, membership sites and squash pages, this product can help you reduce a significant sum of workload.

How Will Engage Player Work?

Since earlier mentioned, this Indulge Player review better your understanding of how it enhance engagement, optins, and conversion. This software helps help the video-making process because it choose a video 12 times faster than normal and add eye-catching pictures or text messages to be able to videos to hold audiences' interests. Within this part, I'm going to show a person guys the details associated with two relevant packages and how it benefits a person.

Engage Player Basic ( Front End )

Use Any Video: This feature means that this product works well with any videos from Vimeo, YouTube or even your own MP4 videos that you like. Using Engage Player’s video files is not a must.

Video Overlay: This feature helps increase the interaction between producers and audiences because it allows video makers to add images, text, buttons and optin forms to make video more attractive and logical.

Intelligent Playback: It is very common that audiences/viewers get a headache finding where they left off in the video, this feature helps them do so, and resume/ start over video properly.
Engage Player Review & Bonuses - Should I Get it

On Page Content Display: This common feature gives you certain convenience and flexibility as you can watch the video anytime you want.

Intelligent Reveal: How many times do you feel annoyed having to stop watching a video do something else, and then finding where you just stopped? With Intelligent Revel feature, it is not a waste of time anymore because it automatically saves the place for you. No interruption anymore!

Intelligent Pause: Intelligent Pause helps Engage Player distinctive from other similar video making software. When you open new tabs, your video would be paused immediately and automatically, so you don’t have to pause it.

Drag & Drop Builder: This user-friendly feature makes your jobs easier as you just have to drag part you like and drop on where you want it to be.

Content Locking: This feature gives you two options: clicking lock button to display contents to make your videos more engaging; clicking unlock button to content at any point of the video.

Unlimited Players: As its name suggests, you can make your own decision of the number of engagement players that suit your need

Robust Video Settings: When working with your video, it is quite irritating when controls show up on your screen too often. Engage Player helps you hide controls, auto loop and play video.

Intro & Outro Videos: Intro and Outro are necessary parts of any video. Engage Player give you the opportunity to add Intro & Outro videos to an existing video at ease. Also, it helps to add content engagement to any intro & outro video.

Email Integrations: Being integrated with 10 Email Auto responder services, Engage Players better your responses to audience’s comments or concerns on your video. Using raw HTML code would be another option you can take.

Content Animation: With over 12 different content animations in Engage Player, you can freely integrate each animation with each Engagement Point to help viewers feel more engaged and relaxed with your videos.

Robust Styling Options: This feature means that you can design or create videos in your own way, so you can make them different from other. To be more specific, Engage Player includes Robust styling for each “Engagement Point” which comprises typography and element styling.

Reporting: This feature empowers you to draft report on video engagement time.

Engage Player Premium ( OTO1 )

Video Search: Search Vimeo & YouTube in an app.

Save Searches: Having the ability to save videos that you have searched for (in an app) later use.

Push To Facebook Tab: Having the ability to push your engagement to a new or existing Facebook Tab.

Engage Player Enterprise ( OTO2 )

White Label Solution:White Label the app with numerous custom settings.

User Management: Having ability to add/edit Users. Enable/Disable user access & set the Plan level.

Integrations: Having the ability to integrate with JVZoo & PayPal.

Advantages of Engage Player Software

Using the Engage player offers you several benefits as follows:

Firstly, with its function, you can make an adjustment to any video format. That’s why it is a great choice for people working in fields of vblog or advertising.

Secondly, you can choose the time you want to play the video. This is an amazing tool for both you and your viewers as the video can be whenever you/ your audiences like.

Lastly, you can resume the video with ease even though you turn off internet connection or your computer. You may feel more convenient and comfortable when opening new tabs; the video will be paused automatically. This makes editing video easier than ever.


In conclusion, should you be buying a software to create professional video, I'm sure that this EngagePlayer review gives you enough details. With Engage Player, lacking technical knowledge is not really a serious problem any more. Eventually, you can make your videos more prominent and engaging to attract more audiences and expand your client base. Hope a person can make a excellent purchase decision with this specific EngagePlayer review.
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