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    [AD] CentralMu | No FO | Play to Gain | Low x100 Grand Opening!

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    LOW x100 SERVER GRAND OPENING ON April 7 at 16:00 (GMT+2)
    Play to Gain, NO max stats and NO full option items!

    Website: http://www.centralmu.com
    Forum: http://forum.centralmu.com
    Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/CentralMuCommunity

    Server x100 configs:
    Version: Premium Season 8 Episode 2
    Experience: 100x
    Drop: 30%
    Maximum Stats: 32767
    Max Master level: 50
    Master Level Experience: 3x
    Points Per Master Level: 7
    Points Per Level: 5/7/7
    Reset Reward: 40 Credits
    After Reset: Stats Clear
    After Reset stat points:
    DW,DK,ELF, SUM: 800 points
    MG, DL, RF: 900 points
    Grand reset from: 40 resets
    MAX Grand reset: 5
    MAX Reset: 40
    Grand reset free points: 10000
    Grand reset reward: 18 000 Credits
    Different Gens Party: Enabled
    Server valuables: ZEN / Jewels
    Monsters: Stats increased
    Monsters per spot: 5-7
    No CashShop (x Shop)

    Item Shop Limits:
    Maximum Excellent Options: 3
    Maximum Socket Option: 3

    Jewel Rates:
    Bless: 100%
    Soul: 80%
    Life: 65%
    Harmony: 80%
    Items with Luck: +20%

    Features in game:
    Balanced Party Experience: Bronze = (BK+SM+ELF),
    Silver = (BK+SM+ELF+MG), Gold = (BK+SM+ELF+MG+DL/SUM or RF)
    380/400 Level Item options: Working from 1st level (Only stats requirement)
    2nd/3rd/4th Wing Options: Working from 1st level (Only stats requirement)
    Basic Event Reward: GM box (discover what does it drop in game)
    All other Event Reward: Many kind of excellent items, ancient items
    6 warehouse available in game: /vault 0 - 5

    Features in website:
    Hide info: inventory, location
    Vote Reward system: Get 150 Credits by voting every 12 hours
    Referral system: Receive 50 Credits from every 5 resets made by referral.
    Market system: Sell for Credits, Wcoins, Web Zen, Jewels
    Shop Cart system: Add items to cart and buy when needed
    Online Hours system: Get 3 Credits for every hour
    Zen Wallet system: Move zen to website
    Web Warehouse: Save items with unlimited space for free
    Change Nick: Rename your character nick name
    Buy Level: Get levels for credits [Hot]

    Other Important Information:
    Character creation level:
    150 //-> Rage Fighter create level
    250 //-> Dark Lord create level
    220 //-> Magic Gladiator create level
    1 //-> Summoner create level

    New commands:
    /vault --> Change 0-5 warehouse
    /pkclear --> Clear your pk status in game. (must be level 400 and costs 20kk)
    /clear --> Clear your inventory (costs 5kk)
    /clearstore --> Clear your personal store

    All master skill tree work 100% now!

    Changed PVP system. Now all characters are similar.

    [AD] CentralMu | No FO | Play to Gain | Low x100 Grand Opening!
    [AD] CentralMu | No FO | Play to Gain | Low x100 Grand Opening!

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    Low x100 Opening after few minutes! Join us now:

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    Server is Opened. Join us Now!

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    Do we need a Top Voter Event on x100 ?
    Vote YES or NO now:
    Best regards, CentralMU.

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