[AD] M8 MuOnline Club / New gaming project / About Server

M8Mu is an international private MuOnline server. M8Mu - mate MuOnline server worldwide! This is new gaming server with 3 different experience and configuration worlds: Low: x30, Dynamic: x300, High: x3000.

Every world will have different limitations. Web Item Shop will not include Full Option Items. Low world will not have in game X Shop. In every world will be a chance to buy VIP. It will include several benefits, but not too overpowered and everyone will have a chance to become a VIP.

We are planning to be a long term project and will strive for the best to give our players enjoyable game play and friendly community. For more interesting game play everyone will have a chance to enjoy our made In Game and Forum Evens and win balanced cool prizes like items or Credits for Item Shop.

Server is based on ex802 server files with built in anti hack, which will guarantee fair game play to all. In our team will be Game Masters who will be in game and help to answer questions and solve any situation if needed. Full Server Information will be posted in next few days. As a first world will open Dynamic x300.

Project Website: http://www.m8mu.club/
Community Forum: http://forum.m8mu.club/
Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/M8MuOnline/