Highway king slot game – easy to play, easy to win

Highway king slot free play is known as the most popular betting game which easy to play and win. When playing this fascinating game, you will have the feeling of becoming a real King that you will always remember.

Highway king slot game free play – easy to play, easy to win

  • Introduction

The first thing you should understand about highway king slot game is it is a video slot machine consists of only 5 reels as well as 9 pay lines. It also is one of the most colorful and effective features in Playtech game collection. The theme of game is big trucks rolling on the wide road. While there are plenty of obstacles, you need to drive skillfully your car so that you can finish fastest. On the road you also have to gather common symbols in order to receive rewards from them as well as increase your opportunity of winning.

When going to join highway king slot game, you cannot forget the its intensive graphic as well as lively sound effects that make you feel like you are rolling on the real highway. The thing that people love about this game is the feeling of winning and becoming Kings. When you become the King, there are a lot of special rewards offered for you.

  • Special symbols and rewards

The slot game consists of a lot of bright and colorful symbols such as wild, scatter, and many other related symbols such as spark plug, truck wheel, piston, gas tank and lucky dice. Wild symbol is known as the Red truck and it is also the highest value symbol. It can take the place of any other symbols, except for the scatter and shows up only on reels 2, 3 times. Scatter symbols don’t pop up on any specific line but it is paid for any positions. When playing any game, you have to understand the rules of this game, of course, and with this highway king slot free is not an exception. You have to understand which combinations can get prizes and what the prizes are. Let’s me show you. You know Red truck, if it occurs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 times at the same time in pay lines you have selected, you will get 2x, 10x, 50x, 500x and 10000x multipliers. The highest reward you can get for 5 red trucks worth up to $200.000. You also have to know that this game is flexible, so you can also get prizes with other regular symbols as well. With 2, 3, 4 and 5 appearances of Petrol Pump, Spark Plug and Jerry Can or 3, 4 and 5 appearances of Dice, Tire, Crank and Wheel, the huge rewards will be offered to you.

You have to remember these rules written above as well as need to have a goal and stick to it. Let’s play the free version in several times or within a certain amount of time before going to spent real money playing. Don’t forget to be relax when playing Highway king slot game or any other games and know when to stop.

This slot game is not difficult as you thought. Let’s practice hard and enjoy the victory anytime, anywhere. The game is available at malaysia online casino.

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