Great Blue slot is the game with many bonuses

The Great Blue slot is one of the most popular slots with many fans because of the bonus round. Luck may not smile with you so often when you play it, but when you win, this can be a really great prize, a massive reward for your playing. With the high variance in the slot game, the rewards can make your day. However, before you win, the time of playing as well as expecting can be a little long. But generally time goes by fast, thanks to the wonderful theme as well as effects which make the game captivating. This game can be found in Malaysia online casino.

In this slot game, with 5 reels and 25 pay lines, the theme is the ocean world where a killer whale lives. Dive into the undersea and your sea adventure begins.

  • The bonus game

In Great Blue slot, the killer whale is in the underwater world. There are also stacked wilds as well as scatters icons.

In order to get the bonus, you should manage to gather no less than 3 Clam Shell symbols, and it does not matter where they will come out on the reels. Then the bonus round is activated. You dive down deeply into the sea bottom, and see what it hides under as well as how luck can make you happy. There are 8 free spins together with a 2x multiplier. Then you must also make a decision: choose 2 out of the 5 clam shells, and luck will give you more free spins and multipliers. In total, the number of free spins you can get in Great Blue is up to 33 free spins, and the multiplier is 15. As the free spins go on, luck can make things even more satisfying for you: with no less than 3 scatters, you will earn 15 more free spins, at the same multiplier. Play and with luck on your side you can win many free spins.

Therefore, you may no longer confuse why the payouts can be over 100x. With such possibilities packed in the bonus round, that is quite easy to achieve.

  • The mobile slot

Playtech’s Great Blue slot is also offering a mobile slot. You can play with the creatures in the ocean world on your handheld device, as the killer whale makes its way under water, and passes by spinning aquatic creatures such as: turtle, starfish, and shark. In the mobile version of this game, the graphics are intensive, and the video quality of the winning symbols is great as well.

You will find out that this game is very attractive if you are a fan of big thing. While it can be a bit long for players to wait until the free spin bonus starts and rewards them, the players know that patience and luck is the important key.

The friendly interface of Great Blue slot game comes alive, with a lot of creatures that make the aquatic world an exciting place to play. With the attractive presence of all undersea creatures as well as the number of bonuses, this slot is worth playing both online and in mobile slot.