How to get big prizes with playing Highway King slot game

Highway King slot free download has somewhat of a retro feel, with sound influences that will send you right on the Highway. The outlook is simple and brightly colored, but not as graphically intense as other slot online games. Playtech has been coming out with slot games for the past ten or so years, and Highway Kings is surely one of their classics.

  • Feature & Bonus of this game

The very first reason why plenty of gamers are so exciting about Highway King slot free download game is because of the high payouts coming from the normal icons. In some instances, gamers have to wish for the scatter or wild icons to appear to gain more potential awards; nevertheless, in this example, gamers are very pleased with basic combination.

Highway King slot free download

Additional to this, it has a small disadvantage: there’re no free spins or bonus rounds available. However, when you see that those common combinations pay out so well, and then you won’t be able to ignore it. In order to make everything greater for the gamers, on condition you form a winning combination containing a Red Truck wild multiplier, you’ll be able to double your winnings. If you can not ignore the missing of free spins as well as bonus round, you can try to join the Highway King slot free download. In its bonus round, you can select 1out of three trucks and then race on the highway. No matter what you get, the Yellow, Green or Red truck, your opportunities are the same at gaining free spins as well as multipliers.

  • The Big Winnings and Big Prizes

Highway King slot free play might be played for fun or for actual money. This slot game is denominations range from $0.01 up to $5.00 in each payline and the highest bet level is $45 per spin.

In order to begin this slot, the gamers firstly must select a coin size between $0.01 and $5, and then select the number of paylines, and then click on “Spin” button to get started this slot online game with a trust of matching right symbols. The highest bet per spin is $45.

Highway King slot free download

The gamblers need to strike at least three matching symbols on the payline to find a reward. Some of the symbols will pay you much more than other symbols. Green, Red and Yellow Truck will allow you to give the greater winning combinations. If you like to pay an extra $1, you will need to receive an additional option with the Dollar Ball, which will permit you to get 5 out of 49 numbers and then get the Jackpot back.

In Highway King slot free download, mind Red Trucks due to the reality that they work as wild symbols. They can supplant all of other symbols and double your winning combinations as well. Exhaust- pipe is a scatter symbol you need to pay attention to in this slot online game. Nonetheless, you will get at least two of symbols for a 2x payout, 3 for 5x payout, 4 of symbols for a 10x payout and five multiplies your line by 100x. Additionally, there is no free spin offered and bonus round, but scatter and wild symbols will make up for these shortage.

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