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We would like to present our Project before we announce news about Full server information!
TopMu is an international private MuOnline Season 12 server and it's the latest version,
therefore our project can be considered as innovation. This is what new players are looking
for and everyone wants to play and see all the newset features. TopMu is optimistic gaming
server and after time planning to open 2 different experience and configuration worlds for
each taste: Hard: x40 and Easy: x1000. Every world will have different builds, limitations
and unique features. We are planning to be a long term project and will strive for the best
to give our players enjoyable gameplay, helpfull administration and friendly community.
For more interesting gameplay everyone will have a chance to enjoy our made In Game and
Forum Events and win balanced cool prizes like items or Topcoins for Item Shop.
Server is based on Premium Unique Season 12 server files and Premium DMN Website.
Our team is professional and there will be Game Masters in game who will help players
with answering their questions and solve any problematic situation if needed.

Finally about server Launch dates:
BETA Test server Opening - July 23
HARD x40 server Opening - August 5

What will you see in TopMu Season 12:
Events and bosses:
- Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Illusion Temple, Battle Soccer, Castle Siege,
Crywolf, Kanturu Maya, Doppelganger, Imperial Guardian, Acheron, Forea Battle, Moss Merchant,
Cherry Blossom, Elemental Symbols, Kundun, Selupan, Medusa, Core Magriffy, Lord Silvester,
Unique - auto Horn Race event and more..

News and Features:
- All features from older versions
- Party / Guild / Store Matching
- [Upgraded] Pentagram System
- [Upgraded] Muun System
- [Upgraded] Socket System
- [New] Grow Lancer Class
- [New] Character Specialization
- [New] Skill imprint
- [New] Shop Sell Cache
- [New] Ruud System
- [New] Blood Angel Item
- [New] Dark Angel Item
- [New] Archangel Item Upgrade
- [New] Hunting Log
- [New] Skill tree skills
- [New] Mini game Minesweeper
- [New] Character Info Windows Improvements
- [New maps] Event Square, Forea, Urk Mountain, Nars..

TopMu Website Link: https://www.topmu.online

TopMu Registration Link: https://www.topmu.online/registration

TopMu Forum Link: http://forum.topmu.online

Screen shots of Website and Game:


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