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New Server by Winged MU Online for players who likes more easy gameplay with faster and easier level up to make your character strong.
Easy Server will give you a chance to get even up to 4 excellent items in game or in item shop and up to 5 empty sockets in game or up
to 3 chosen socket options + 2 empty for free in item shop. There still exists limits in a reason to be able to make unique builds not
to get a Full Option items what everyone would have the same. We would like to not call it pay 2 win since everyone can get the same with
or without donations. There is just a time difference on how fast you can achieve that and it depends on you. You should definately read a
guide on how to earn free credits without paying a real money since there are plenty different ways. WIN $ 20 USD worth Credits in a RAFFLE.

Server EASY x1500 Grand Opening on May 24 at 19:00 Server Time

Website: http://wingedmu.com/
Forum: http://forum.wingedmu.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WingedMu/
Contact Us: http://wingedmu.com/support

Basic Server information:
Version: Season 9.5
Experience: x1500
Master experience: x150
Drop: 35%
Maximum level: 400
Maximum master level: 350
Points per level: 5/7/7
Points per master level: 1
Maximum stat: 32000
Cash shop Enabled
Wcoins Exchange Enabled
Mu Helper: from level 30
Mu Helper cost: 400 Zen * level
Pk clear cost: 5kk Zen * pk count
Monster Spots in all maps
Elf Soldier buff Till: 350 level
Create level MG, DL = 1
Create level RF, Sum = 1

Reset System:
Reset level = 400
Reset Level VIP = 380
Reset limit = 500
After reset: stat points clear
After reset free stat points:
SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 700 points * resets
MG, DL, RF = 800 points * resets
Reset reward = 30 Credits
Reset cost = 2kk Zen * resets

Grand Reset System:
Grand reset from = 70 resets
Grand reset limit = 7
After grand reset free stat points:
SM,ELF,BK,SUM = 10000 points * grand resets
MG,DL,RF = 11000 points * grand resets
Grand reset reward: 22000 Credits

Item Shop Limits:
Maximum excellent options: 4
Maximum socket options: 3
Maximum item level: +12
(upgrade up to +15 only in game)
Excellent + Ancient: ON
Excellent + Socket: ON
Ancient + Harmony: ON
Equal Seed Sockets: OFF

Party Experience:
Normal Party 2 Exp Bonus = - 5%
Normal Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 5%
Normal Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 15%
Normal Party 5 Exp bonus = + 30%
Set Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 40% (different classes)
Set Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 50% (different classes)
Set Party 5 Exp Bonus = + 60% (different classes)

Chaos Machine and Combination Rates:
Objects +10, +11 = 75%
Objects +12, +13 = 65%
Objects +14, +15 = 45%
Jewel of Bless - 100%
Jewel of Soul - 70%
Jewel of Life - 70%
+ Luck increase the probability of success by 20%
Feather Of Condor Max Rate = 60%
Wings level 2 Mix Max Rate = 90%
Wings level 2.5 Mix Max Rate = 60%
Cape Of Lord Mix Max Rate = 90%
Wings level 3 Mix Max Rate = 40%
Chance to get Excellent option when making Wings level 3 = 60%
Chance to get Luck option when making Wings level 3 = 70%

Season 9 Full, 3 servers: Hard x70, Medium x250, Easy x1500, Stable Gameplay, Fast Support,
Forum Contests, No FO Items, Balanced Characters, Web Market, Vip, Free Credits on Resets,
Grand Resets, Vote Reward, Referral, And Much More



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Until EASY x1500 Opening 5 days left. Server x70 is opened and you are welcome to join it!


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Until EASY x1500 Opening 2 days left. Server x70 is opened and you are welcome to join it!


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Until EASY x1500 Opening only 1 day left. Opening tomorrow!