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WingedMu is a New positive and perspective Mu Online Community.
In future is planned to open 3 different experience and configuration servers for each taste:
Hard: x70, Medium: x250 and Easy: x1500. Every server will have different builds, limitations
and unique features. We are planning to be a long term project and will strive for the best
to give our players enjoyable gameplay, helpfull administration and friendly community.
For more interesting gameplay everyone will have a chance to enjoy our made In Game and
Forum Events and win balanced cool prizes like Items or Credits for Item Shop. Server is
based on Unique Season 9 Server files and Premium DMN Web engine. As the first server will
be opened Hard: x70. REGISTRATION is Opened so you can view website features by logging in
account panel. Do not forget to read server rules and join our facebook page and invite friends.
More information about server, guides, tutorials, updates and other things can discuss at our Forum!

Server Hard x70 Grand Opening on May 11 at 18:00 Server Time

Website: http://wingedmu.com/
Forum: http://forum.wingedmu.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WingedMu/
Contact Us: http://wingedmu.com/support

Basic Server information:
Version: Season 9.5
Experience: x70
Master experience: x35
Drop: 25%
Maximum level: 400
Maximum master level: 350
Points per level: 5/7/7
Points per master level: 1
Maximum stat: 32000
Cash shop (only for Goblin Points)
Wcoins Exchange DISABLED
NO seal buffs available
Mu Helper: from level 5
Mu Helper cost: 500 Zen * level
Pk clear cost: 5kk Zen * pk count
Monster Spots in all maps
Elf Soldier buff Till: 350 level
Create level MG, DL = 220, 250
Create level RF, Sum = 270

Reset System:
Reset limit = 30
After reset: stat points clear
After reset free stat points:
SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 1200 points * resets
MG, DL, RF = 1400 points * resets
Reset reward = Credits
Reset cost = 3kk Zen * resets

Grand Reset System:
Grand reset from = 20 resets
Grand reset limit = 10
After grand reset free stat points:
SM,ELF,BK,SUM = 6000 points * grand resets
MG,DL,RF = 7000 points * grand resets
Maximum free stat points after 10 grand resets:
SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 84 000 points
MG, DL, RF = 98 000 points
NO Max stats = build your stats
Grand reset reward: Credits

Item Shop Limits:
Maximum excellent options: 2
Maximum socket options: 2
Excellent + Ancient: ON
Excellent + Socket: ON
Ancient + Harmony: ON
Equal Seed Sockets: OFF

Party Experience:
Normal Party 2 Exp Bonus = - 5%
Normal Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 5%
Normal Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 15%
Normal Party 5 Exp bonus = + 30%
Set Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 40% (different classes)
Set Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 50% (different classes)
Set Party 5 Exp Bonus = + 60% (different classes)

Chaos Machine and Combination Rates:
Objects +10, +11 = 70%
Objects +12, +13 = 60%
Objects +14, +15 = 40%
Jewel of Bless - 100%
Jewel of Soul - 70%
Jewel of Life - 60%
+ Luck increase the probability of success by 20%
Feather Of Condor Max Rate = 60%
Wings level 2 Mix Max Rate = 90%
Wings level 2.5 Mix Max Rate = 60%
Cape Of Lord Mix Max Rate = 90%
Wings level 3 Mix Max Rate = 40%
Chance to get Excellent option when making Wings level 3 = 40%
Chance to get Luck option when making Wings level 3 = 60%


For More information simply visit our website to see more and check out features.

Season 9 Full, 3 servers: Hard x70, Medium x250, Easy x1500, Stable Gameplay, Fast Support,
Forum Contests, No FO Items, Balanced Characters, Web Market, Vip, Free Credits on Resets,
Grand Resets, Vote Reward, Referral, And Much More



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