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Almost Degree 14 lovers prefer to choose the Europe race because it has more chance than Chinese race. In AVIOR SRO , the Chinese race has the same chance of Europe race.

we've add a [Lucky Buff skill 10%] for each Secondary build
You Just Need Earned 30m Skills Point To Make it Enable On Your Character

In our server you will find some of a new & special NPCs At baghdad town which are existed in order to make your buying & selling issues are easier.

Job temple uniques Str & Int spawns at a certain scheduled time, you will be noticing our times at the website, these uniques drop a very precious rewards Like Lottery Adv Scroll & Job Point Scroll beside the needed Job coins to purchase Job Items!

Holy Water Temple was intended to be for the berserk quest only, but to make it fun for you, we added Acc's drop, you can enter the holy water temple 2 times/day, don't forget to bring your friends with you, its not gonna be easy.
Drop: (Acc's) & Job Point & 3~5 Job Coins + Immortal Stones.

As a slogan of let's have fun, we are gonna offer a lot of events, events which are gonna add much fun to our gameplay, so pack you luggage and be ready to a high dose of fun here!

-Survival Arena
-Trivia (Questions)
-Last Man Standing
-Lucky Global Event
-Lucky Private Event
-Math Event
-Retype Event
-Automatic Hide & Seek event
-Automatic Lucky party number event
-Automatic unique event
-Automatic Kill the GM Event
-Automatic Lottery Event
And much more...

Leave Your Char Name in Channel Char Name to earn Reward package Scroll for you by joining our discord, all you have to do it enter our discord.

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