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    [​IMG]About Exploits Online
    [​IMG]In our server we constantly strive for innovation and improvement. However our work is guided by the vision of upholding the SRO tradition therefore we've only fixed the things that were considered nuisances in the classical LV100 scene, so unlike most server hosts we did not temper with the game in a way that we can not control. Features are supposed to be useful, not cool.
    [​IMG]Silk Free
    [​IMG]Players can obtain 1M Silk starting from level 1 according to their online
    [​IMG] A Message to our Players & The Community We are building
    [​IMG]I must take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have stood by us since the days of our inception. Your support and unwavering faith will always be a driving factor in Exploits pursuit of excellence.
    [​IMG]Server Information
    [​IMG]CAP : 80
    [​IMG]DGREE : 8
    [​IMG]Start Level : 1
    [​IMG]Mastery : CH
    [​IMG]Exp & SP : 20
    [​IMG]Gold : x8
    [​IMG]Skills : All Working
    [​IMG]Alchemy : x1
    [​IMG]Job Rates : x1.5
    [​IMG]CTF : Working
    [​IMG]Battle Arena : Working
    [​IMG]Fortress war : Jangan & Bandit
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