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Limited X100
Alpha Test
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Server is running on latest Season 15 server files with our custom settings and features. All game Monsters, Events, Bosses are in a perfect condition. Our professional team will be able to fix or change any incorrect thing what can be found and will be reported by players. Below you can find a list of highlighted things why should you choose exactly us.

✅ Helpful & Responsible administration. We care your opinion!
✅ Latest season server files. Enjoy the best possible quality!
✅ Unique conceptual game worlds. You will not get bored here!
✅ Automatized Monthly events: Top Voter, BC, DS, CC!
✅ Automatized in-game Events and Boss announcements!
✅ Special New Jewels and Unique New Quests and Rewards!
✅ No Webshop and No ready items for sale. Only some materials!
✅ 24/7 Uptime and protection dodos, cheats! High stability anti hack!
✅ Everything is done by us. Each part of the game professionally configured!

Official Opening of Dart MU Server Limited X100 will be on DECEMBER 23!
Dynamic experience server for grinding resets and item hunting! Unique limited amont of resets, grand resets style with nice progressive rewards including special custom Quest system.

!! Opening Freebies: Click to claim Free 500 Credits !!

!!! Server secured against cheats, hacks by Premium LiveGuard AntiCheat so fair game guaranteed. Premium Launcher for best gaming experience included. !!!

Server Website: https://www.dartmu.com/
Server FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/DartMuOnline

Server Specs:
Version: Premium Season 15
Experience Regular | Master: 100x | 200x
Max Level Regular | Master: 400 | 800
Max total level is 1200
Balanced bosses and map spots
Custom Quest System
Custom New Jewels
Unique boss and Event rewards
Many cool ingame Events
PvP and PvE class balance
Max Connections per 1 Computer: 3
Low Performance Mode: Button F9
Offlevel enabled [limited max time]
Offstore enabled in Loren Market
Non PvP Maps: Aida 1,2 | Karutan 1,2 | Deep Dungeon 1
Elf Soldier Max Resets: 5
Helpful and responsive ingame and website staff team support

Resets | Grand Resets | Experience | Rewards:

1. Reset & Experience:

🔵 Reset 1-20 (GR: 0 - 2):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 500 Wcoins, 50'000 Ruud
Experience: 100x

🔵 Reset 1-20 (GR: 3 - 4):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 1000 Wcoins, 100'000 Ruud
Experience: 80x

🔵 Reset 1-20 (GR: 5 - 6):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 1500 Wcoins, 150'000 Ruud
Experience: 60x

🔵 Reset 1-20 (GR: 7 - 8):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 2000 Wcoins, 200'000 Ruud
Experience: 40x

🔵 Reset 1-20 (GR: 9 - 10):
Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins
Grand Reset Reward: 2500 Wcoins, 250'000 Ruud
Experience: 20x

2. Total Stat Points:

✅ 500 Points per Reset
✅ 2500 Points per Grand Reset

Total: 35'000 Points (Build Stats)

3. Total Rewards:

✅ Resets: 2000 Wcoins
✅ Grand Reset: 15'000 Wcoins + 1'500'000 Ruud

Total: 17'000 Wcoins + 1'500'000 Ruud

Much more to explore ingame ...
For more info check detailed Game Guides which include all necessary information!
LINK: *** https://www.dartmu.com/guides/ ***