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Beta Starts "01/03/23" ends "01/11/23"
Grand Opening "01/13/23"

Since we have started developing this project, we thought well about the features thoroughly and what we have added to improve your gameplay.
RedSRO server will be one of the most complete Old School servers in the world of private servers! With our experience in the private server area,
we know how it's important to offer a great experience in managing RedSRO server for the community.
If you are interested in playing a server join RedSRO Online for an awesome eventful experience! So, don't miss out on a great opportunity!

At RedSRO, our goal is to provide our community with greatness of gratitude in order to accomplish an
extraordinary amount of endless Long-Term Enjoyment, Long-Term Fairness and Long-Term Smoothness LONG TERM is extremely important
to keep Parethia alive for aslong as possible, in order to develop something players really strive to look for in Silkroad Online.
Like I have said, our Devlopers and Designers have worked around the clock to fulfill the needs/wants of the Silkroad Online Community,
and because of this we have focused on the 4 most important aspects of any Silkroad project.

90-96mobs in Cons 98-100mobs in Samar

All starting gear arrives fully BLUED, 61% stats as well as +5.
The auto Equipment works this way for every degree up to D9! except for the % stats within the gear

Your starting items including the fallowing;
※ (X1000) XLRG MP & HP
※ (X10) Beginner Scroll of Movment (100%)
※ (X10) Instant Return Scrolls
※ (X1) Monkey Summon Scroll
※ (X2) DMG&REDUC Scrolls
※ (X1) Devil Spirit B Grade
※ 1,000,000 Starting Gold

For starting out we like to give our new characters/players starting SP of 2,000,000 and by doing this it will allow users to be able to
have enough SP for atleast 3 quarters of all their skills for most of their leveling adventure!

Also, we have added Godsend Skills, and in occurdance to those we have removed SOME other spells (shown with a black box) to provide balance within those specific areas.
Also be aware these godsend skills are extremely high in SP. They cost more each level then it cost to entirely max all your masteries for each of these spells.
Good thing their are QUESTS/MISSIONS you can do at level 100 that give you SP rewards, youll see later on in this thread!

Obtainable from jobbing as Thief, hunter or trader.
Used at NPC in Donwhang to purchase gear! RedSRO Weapon / Gear / Accessory.

Obtainable from the NPC in Donwhang. 1 Copper coin costs 250,000,000 Gold
Used at NPC in Donwhang to purchase gear! RedSRO Weapon / Gear / Accessory

PvP Related coin. Based on kills. CTF, Battle Arenas and other related pvp engaging combat.
Used at NPC in Donwhang to purchase RedSro Weapon / Gear / Accessory.

Obtaininable from Unique Drops. Used at NPC to buy Scrolls.

Auto Events
alchemy event start at 8 +10 at dw South reward 100silks
Lastman stand 100 silks
Lucky pt number 10 silks every hour
lucky global 100silks every hours
Search&Destroy 25 silks per time
PVP MATCHING 50silks per player
Madness 100 silks
Kill the Gm 25 silks per round
Hide&seek 50 silks
Survival area top 1 125silks 2.100silks 3. 75 silks 4.50silks 5.25silks
BA/CTF winner reward 5 arena coins loose 3 , can purchase sp scrolls at Hotan Arena NPC

The wanted system adds some excitment in Parethia allowing players to become wanted depending on the amount of kill streaks they have in a row.
This wanted buff will only work for you while wearing a job suit.
If you remove your job suit the buff will be removed until you wear it again!
Some rules applies to this system
※ The wanted buff lasts for 8 hours
※ Once you die in JOB by other player in JOB, your kill count resets and the buff is removed
※ You can't kill the same opponent twice in a row
※ To make the kill count on the same player you have to wait for 8 hours or kill 3 different players before killing the same player!

With a special option for those players who like their client to be adapted to their language, we have this option available from the launcher.​
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